SCS Seminar on Flow Chemistry 2022

The SCS Seminars are three-days education seminars that focus on topics that are relevant for the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry but are not enough considered during the academic education at universities.

**The Seminar was initially planned to take place in February 2022. Due to the covid-19 situation, the organizing committee decided to shift the event to June 2022.

Focus Topics
The seminar will focus on relevant issues of flow chemistry such as

  • Batch to flow
  • Flow reaction optimization
  • Safety issues
  • Scaling up
  • Reactors and reactor design

Teaching Body and Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Marc-André Müller, DSM
  • Dr. Dominique Roberge, Lonza
  • Dr. Claudio Battilocchio, Syngenta
  • Dr. Roger Marti, HEIA-FR
  • Dr. Michal Dabros, HEIA-FR
  • Dr. Alexandra Kämpfer-Homsy, HE-ARC
  • Dr. Samuel Bourne, CarboGen AMCIS
  • Dr. Mathieu Lesieur, Sovias
  • Dr. Benjamin Martin, Novartis
  • 4 Presentations by Flow Chemistry Suppliers
Target audience

The event targets PhD students, Postdocs as well as junior scientists from industry and will be led by senior scientists and designated experts from academia and industry.

Active participation is key for all attendees. A good mix between

  • theoretical lectures,
  • reports of concrete projects from industry,
  • interactive workshops/panel discussions and
  • short presentations by participants
will guarantee a maximum of impact. Each participant brings along a specific challenge out of his daily lab work and will presents poster of his/her current work.


Dr. Marc-André Müller, DSM
Prof. Roger Marti, HEIA-FR

Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92